Top Farms in Vermont to Visit in 2024: From Sustainable Practices to Scenic Orchards

Experience the rustic charm and natural beauty of Vermont through its iconic farms. From the sustainable practices of Shelburne Farms to the serene orchards of Champlain Orchards, each destination offers a unique glimpse into the state’s agricultural heritage. Discover the vineyards and panoramic views at Boyden Valley Winery, indulge in home-cooked meals and scenic vistas at Liberty Hill Farm, and savor the sweetness of pure maple syrup at Sugarbush Farm. Dive into Vermont’s farming history at Billings Farm and Museum, where interactive exhibits bring the past to life. Explore these must-visit farms for an authentic taste of Vermont’s countryside and culinary delights.

Shelburne Farms (Shelburne)

Shelburne Farms Is an Educational Farm Where You Can Vacation Like a Vanderbilt | Edible ManhattanShelburne Farms stands as a testament to sustainable agriculture and historic preservation. Spanning over 1400 acres along the shores of Lake Champlain, this National Historic Landmark combines a working farm, forested trails, and a renowned inn.Shelburne Farms invites visitors to immerse themselves in its rich agricultural heritage through guided tours that highlight sustainable farming practices. Wander through lush gardens where organic vegetables thrive, or visit the dairy barns where award-winning cheese is meticulously crafted. Cheese enthusiasts can indulge in tastings of Shelburne Farms’ artisanal cheeses, celebrated for their depth of flavor and local ingredients sourced from the farm itself.Beyond agriculture, Shelburne Farms offers breathtaking views of Lake Champlain and the Adirondack Mountains, making it a perfect retreat for nature lovers and history buffs alike. Whether exploring the estate’s historic architecture, participating in educational programs, or simply savoring the tranquility of its pastoral landscapes, a visit to Shelburne Farms promises an unforgettable glimpse into Vermont’s rural charm and sustainable living practices.

Flack Family Farm (Enosburg)

Không có mô tả ảnh.Flack Family Farm offers a charming retreat into Vermont’s agricultural heartland, nestled amidst the rolling hills of Enosburg. This small, organic farm exemplifies community spirit and sustainable farming practices, inviting visitors to experience farm life firsthand.Visitors to Flack Family Farm are greeted by the warm hospitality of the Flack family, who are passionate about eco-friendly agriculture and preserving Vermont’s rural heritage. The farm provides educational opportunities where guests can engage in seasonal farm activities, from harvesting organic vegetables to assisting in the preparation of kimchee and sauerkraut.A visit to Flack Family Farm is more than just a tour; it’s a chance to connect with the land and gain insights into the journey from farm to table. Families and individuals alike can enjoy the peaceful surroundings, participate in farm chores, and learn about sustainable living practices in a welcoming, educational environment. Whether you’re interested in organic farming, community-supported agriculture, or simply seeking a serene escape into Vermont’s countryside, Flack Family Farm offers a refreshing and enriching experience for all visitors.

Champlain Orchards (Shoreham)

Không có mô tả ảnh.Champlain Orchards, nestled in the quaint town of Shoreham, Vermont, is a picturesque family-owned farm celebrated for its sprawling apple orchards and commitment to ecological stewardship.Visitors to Champlain Orchards are treated to a quintessential New England experience surrounded by rows of over 115 varieties of meticulously cultivated apples. The orchards offer seasonal pick-your-own opportunities, allowing guests to hand-select their favorite apples while soaking in the serene beauty of Vermont’s countryside.Beyond apple picking, Champlain Orchards boasts a dedication to sustainable farming practices, ensuring that each apple harvested is grown with care and consideration for the environment. The farm’s commitment to ecological balance extends to its cider production and orchard management, making it a model of responsible agriculture in the region.For those eager to savor the flavors of Vermont, a visit to Champlain Orchards’ farm stand is a must. Here, visitors can sample freshly pressed cider, indulge in homemade baked goods, and browse a selection of local products that showcase the farm’s bounty. Whether you’re exploring the orchards, enjoying a picnic amidst the apple trees, or simply taking in the scenic views of Vermont’s Green Mountains, Champlain Orchards offers a delightful escape into the heart of New England’s agricultural landscape.

Boyden Valley Winery (Cambridge)

Vermont Wineries: Boyden Valley Ice Wine Tasting and Cheese! – Around the World "L"Boyden Valley Winery, located in the picturesque town of Cambridge, Vermont, is a haven for wine enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Nestled amidst rolling hills with Mt. Mansfield as a stunning backdrop, this family-operated winery combines scenic beauty with the art of winemaking.Visitors to Boyden Valley Winery are greeted by sprawling vineyards and a welcoming atmosphere that invites exploration. Guided tours of the winery provide insights into the meticulous process of crafting award-winning wines and spirits. From grape cultivation to fermentation and aging, guests can witness firsthand the dedication and craftsmanship that goes into each bottle.Wine tastings at Boyden Valley Winery offer a sensory journey through their diverse selection, including reds, whites, and specialty fruit wines. Don’t miss the opportunity to sample their renowned maple crème liqueur, a unique blend of Vermont maple syrup and cream that captures the essence of the region.The winery’s rustic charm and panoramic views make it an ideal setting for events and gatherings. Whether enjoying a leisurely wine tasting on the outdoor terrace or exploring the vineyard’s trails, Boyden Valley Winery promises a memorable experience amidst Vermont’s natural splendor.

Liberty Hill Farm (Rochester)

Robeth Holsteins - Liberty Hill Farm - CowsmoLiberty Hill Farm, nestled in the serene town of Rochester, Vermont, offers a quintessential New England farm stay experience that combines hospitality, home-cooked meals, and breathtaking rural vistas.For nearly four decades, Liberty Hill Farm has welcomed guests with open arms, inviting them to immerse themselves in the rhythms of farm life. The farm is renowned for its warm hospitality and delicious homemade meals prepared with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Visitors can savor hearty breakfasts and dinners featuring Vermont specialties, including farm-fresh eggs, maple syrup, and artisanal cheeses.Accommodations at Liberty Hill Farm include cozy guest rooms that overlook picturesque pastures and rolling hills. Guests are encouraged to explore the farm’s expansive grounds, where they can interact with friendly farm animals, stroll through lush gardens, and unwind amidst the tranquil beauty of Vermont’s countryside.Beyond its pastoral charm, Liberty Hill Farm offers a range of activities for guests of all ages. Whether participating in farm chores, hiking nearby trails, or simply enjoying a quiet moment on the porch, visitors leave Liberty Hill Farm with cherished memories of genuine Vermont hospitality and rural tranquility.

Sugarbush Farm (Woodstock)

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Sugarbush Farm, nestled in the scenic town of Woodstock, Vermont, is a beloved destination renowned for its authentic maple syrup production and picturesque rural charm.Visitors to Sugarbush Farm are welcomed by the sweet aroma of maple sap and the sight of vibrant sugar maple trees dotting the landscape. The farm offers guided tours that provide a fascinating glimpse into the traditional art of maple sugaring. Guests can explore the sugarhouse to witness the process of transforming maple sap into pure maple syrup, learning about the history and techniques passed down through generations.A highlight of any visit to Sugarbush Farm is the opportunity to sample a variety of maple products, including different grades of maple syrup, maple candies, and maple cream. The farm’s store also features a selection of local cheeses and other Vermont-made goods, making it a perfect stop for food enthusiasts seeking authentic local flavors.Nature enthusiasts will appreciate the farm’s scenic trails, which meander through maple groves and offer panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. Whether enjoying a leisurely stroll or participating in seasonal activities like maple sugaring demonstrations, Sugarbush Farm invites visitors to reconnect with nature and experience the timeless charm of Vermont’s rural heritage.

Billings Farm and Museum (Woodstock)

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Billings Farm and Museum, located in the historic town of Woodstock, Vermont, offers a captivating blend of agricultural history, educational exhibits, and picturesque farm landscapes.

Founded in 1871, Billings Farm is a working dairy farm that preserves Vermont’s rural heritage through interactive exhibits and hands-on activities. Visitors can explore the farm’s meticulously restored 19th-century farmhouse, barns, and livestock paddocks to learn about the daily life of a New England farmer.

The museum at Billings Farm features engaging displays that showcase the evolution of Vermont agriculture, from early farming techniques to modern dairy production. Interactive programs and demonstrations highlight the importance of sustainable farming practices and the role of agriculture in shaping Vermont’s landscape.

One of the highlights of a visit to Billings Farm is the opportunity to meet the resident farm animals, including Jersey cows, draft horses, sheep, and goats. Daily milking demonstrations provide insight into dairy farming traditions, while seasonal activities such as sheep shearing and plowing competitions offer a glimpse into historic farm practices.

For those interested in Vermont’s agricultural heritage and rural life, Billings Farm and Museum offers a comprehensive and immersive experience. Whether touring the farmstead, attending educational programs, or enjoying scenic walks through pastoral fields, visitors of all ages are sure to gain a deeper appreciation for the rich agricultural traditions that define Vermont’s cultural identity.


1. What should I wear when visiting Vermont farms? It’s best to dress comfortably and appropriately for the weather, especially if you plan to explore outdoor areas or participate in farm activities. Comfortable shoes suitable for walking on uneven terrain are recommended.

2. Are there entry fees for visiting these farms? Entry fees vary by farm. Some farms may charge a nominal fee for tours or activities, while others offer free admission to their grounds. It’s advisable to check each farm’s website or contact them directly for current pricing and admission details.

3. Can I bring children to these farms? Yes, most farms in Vermont welcome visitors of all ages, including children. Many farms offer family-friendly activities and educational opportunities suitable for young visitors. Always check with the farm beforehand if you have specific questions about age-appropriate activities.

4. Are pets allowed at these farms? Pets are generally not allowed at Vermont farms due to safety and hygiene reasons, especially around farm animals. Service animals may be permitted, but it’s essential to confirm with the farm in advance and adhere to any specific guidelines they may have.

5. What amenities are available at these farms? Amenities vary by farm but may include restrooms, picnic areas, gift shops, and on-site dining options featuring local farm products. Some farms also host events, workshops, or seasonal festivals, enhancing the visitor experience.

Conclusion: Embracing Vermont’s Agrarian Legacy

Visiting these farms not only offers a glimpse into Vermont’s agrarian legacy but also provides an opportunity to reconnect with nature and savor the bounty of the land. Each farm on this list embodies the essence of Vermont’s pastoral beauty and commitment to sustainable farming practices, making them essential destinations for anyone seeking an authentic rural experience in the Green Mountain State.

Whether you’re sampling artisanal cheeses at Shelburne Farms or picking apples at Champlain Orchards, each farm visit promises memories that capture the heart of Vermont’s countryside charm. Plan your visit today and discover why Vermont’s farms are cherished destinations for locals and travelers alike.