Top Best Ski Resorts In Vermont For Beginners

Embarking on a skiing adventure in Vermont offers a gateway to some of the best slopes tailored for beginners. Whether you’re strapping on skis for the first time or looking to refine your technique, Vermont’s ski resorts provide a welcoming environment amidst stunning natural landscapes. From the gentle slopes of Buttermilk Mountain to the expansive trails of Okemo and beyond, each resort offers unique experiences that cater to novices seeking to embrace the thrill of skiing.

Vermont, renowned for its picturesque mountains and winter sports culture, boasts a variety of ski resorts renowned for their beginner-friendly terrain. These destinations not only feature easy-to-navigate slopes but also provide comprehensive learning programs and state-of-the-art facilities designed to ensure a memorable skiing experience for beginners of all ages. Whether you’re seeking gentle bunny hills or more challenging beginner trails with scenic views, Vermont’s ski resorts deliver an unforgettable introduction to the world of skiing.

Join us as we explore the top ski resorts in Vermont that stand out for their exceptional beginner offerings. From the family-friendly atmosphere of Okemo Mountain Resort to the scenic wonders of Whiteface Mountain in New York, each resort promises an ideal setting for beginners to learn, practice, and fall in love with skiing amidst Vermont’s breathtaking winter wonderland.

Beaver Creek Resort, Colo.

Family Insider's Guide to Beaver Creek Colorado

Beaver Creek Resort in Colorado isn’t in Vermont, but it’s worth mentioning for its exceptional beginner terrain and facilities. Located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, Beaver Creek offers a welcoming atmosphere for novice skiers.


Beaver Creek stands out with its dedicated learning areas and gentle slopes, making it ideal for beginners. The resort’s commitment to guest service ensures that new skiers feel comfortable and supported throughout their learning experience.


  • Haymeadow Park: A dedicated learning area with a gondola lift, providing access to gentle slopes insulated from the main mountain traffic.
  • Red Buffalo Park and McCoy Park: Additional learning pods with beginner-friendly terrain, allowing novices to enjoy mountain views while skiing.

Why Choose Beaver Creek?

The resort’s emphasis on quality instruction and serene mountain settings makes it a top choice for beginners seeking a memorable skiing experience.

Buttermilk Mountain, Colo.

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Part of the Aspen Snowmass ski area, Buttermilk Mountain is renowned for its beginner-friendly terrain and laid-back atmosphere, making it an excellent choice for new skiers.


Buttermilk is primarily designed for beginners, offering a network of green runs that weave through scenic landscapes. The resort’s manageable size and supportive learning environment appeal to first-time skiers.


  • Panda Hill: A dedicated learning area at the base of Buttermilk, perfect for beginners to practice their skills.
  • West Buttermilk Express: Provides access to beginner trails where skiers can progress comfortably from their initial lessons.

Why Choose Buttermilk?

With its focus on beginner terrain and relaxed vibe, Buttermilk ensures that new skiers can enjoy their time on the slopes while building confidence in their skiing abilities.

Heavenly Mountain Resort, Calif.

Heavenly Ski Resort & Gondola Reviews | U.S. News Travel

Heavenly Mountain Resort in California offers stunning Lake Tahoe views combined with excellent beginner terrain, creating an inspiring backdrop for learning to ski.


Heavenly boasts a top-of-the-gondola beginner area that provides easy access to gentle slopes and learning facilities. The resort’s scenic beauty enhances the skiing experience for beginners.


  • Tamarack Lodge Area: Dedicated beginner zone equipped with chairlifts and magic carpets, ensuring convenient access for new skiers.
  • Additional Activities: Includes tubing and a mountain coaster, providing alternative options for enjoyment beyond skiing.

Why Choose Heavenly?

For beginners looking to learn amidst breathtaking natural scenery, Heavenly Mountain Resort offers a perfect blend of learning opportunities and recreational activities.

Whiteface Mountain, N.Y.

New York's Lake Placid and Whiteface Mountain: winter's chill, with many  thrills

Whiteface Mountain in New York offers expansive beginner terrain and panoramic views of the Adirondack Mountains, making it a popular destination for novice skiers.


Whiteface’s lower mountain features a variety of green runs serviced by modern lifts, providing ample opportunities for beginners to explore and progress.


  • Coyote Magic Carpet: Ideal for first-time skiers to practice basic skills in a controlled environment near the base area.
  • Face Lift Chair: Provides access to longer beginner runs like Bobcat and Boreen, offering scenic views as skiers gain confidence.

Why Choose Whiteface?

With its diverse beginner terrain and iconic mountain vistas, Whiteface Mountain ensures that beginners have a rewarding skiing experience in a picturesque setting.

Okemo Mountain Resort, Vt.

Okemo Mountain Resort |

Located in Vermont, Okemo Mountain Resort is renowned for its family-friendly atmosphere and extensive beginner terrain, making it a top choice for new skiers.


Okemo features multiple learning areas with gentle slopes and supportive infrastructure, catering specifically to beginners and families.


  • Base Area Learning Slopes: Two separate bunny hills equipped with chairlifts and conveyor belts, providing a comfortable environment for novice skiers.
  • Sugar Shack: A cozy stop for skiers to recharge with snacks and beverages while enjoying their skiing day.

Why Choose Okemo?

Families and beginners appreciate Okemo for its comprehensive beginner facilities and welcoming atmosphere, ensuring a positive introduction to skiing in Vermont.

Steamboat Resort, Colo.

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Steamboat Resort in Colorado offers a picturesque setting combined with newly developed beginner terrain, making it an attractive choice for novice skiers.


Steamboat has invested in enhancing its beginner experience, including the introduction of the Greenhorn Ranch learning area, accessible via the new Wild Blue Gondola.


  • Greenhorn Ranch: A mid-mountain learning area with gentle slopes and a dedicated high-speed lift, providing a secluded environment for beginners.
  • Future Expansion: Plans to extend the Wild Blue Gondola to Sunshine Peak, offering new intermediate terrain for advancing skiers.

Why Choose Steamboat?

For beginners seeking a serene learning environment amidst scenic mountain views, Steamboat Resort delivers an exceptional skiing experience with room for progression.

Big Sky Resort, Mont.

Big Sky Resort Lodging | Hotels, Condos and Vacation RentalsWhile not in Vermont, Big Sky Resort in Montana offers extensive beginner terrain and breathtaking mountain vistas, appealing to new skiers looking for a unique skiing experience.


Big Sky features mellow trails serviced by high-speed quads, providing beginners with ample opportunities to explore and build their skiing skills.


  • Lewis and Clark and Southern Comfort Quads: Access beginner-friendly trails that wind through wooded areas, offering a tranquil setting for skiing novices.
  • Endless Views: Enjoy panoramic views of Lone Peak and the surrounding landscape while skiing beginner trails.

Why Choose Big Sky?

Despite being known for its challenging expert terrain, Big Sky Resort provides beginner skiers with accessible trails and a scenic backdrop, ensuring an enjoyable skiing adventure.

Camelback Mountain, Pa.

Camelback Resort Getaway

Camelback Mountain in Pennsylvania offers extensive beginner terrain and panoramic views of the Pocono Mountains, making it a popular choice for new skiers in the region.


Camelback boasts a variety of gentle green runs accessible from multiple chairlifts, catering to beginners and families seeking a skiing getaway.


  • Marc Antony and Black Bear Lifts: Provide access to long, winding green runs like Julius Caesar and Birches, offering expansive views of the Pocono Mountain landscape.
  • Comfortable Learning Environment: Modern facilities and supportive staff ensure a positive learning experience for beginner skiers.

Why Choose Camelback?

With its focus on beginner-friendly terrain and scenic mountain views, Camelback Mountain provides new skiers with a memorable introduction to skiing in Pennsylvania.

Dollar Mountain at Sun Valley, Idaho

Sun Valley's Dollar Mountain opens Friday | Recreation |

Dollar Mountain is Sun Valley’s dedicated beginner hill, offering a unique bowl-like layout and gentle slopes tailored for first-time skiers.


Dollar Mountain provides a secluded environment where beginners can learn to ski without the pressures of more advanced slopes, enhancing the learning experience.


  • Elkhorn Triple and Dollar High-Speed Quad: Service green runs that allow beginners to practice skiing in an open, bowl-like setting with minimal traffic.
  • Designed for Beginners: Dollar Mountain’s layout and terrain are specifically designed to facilitate learning and skill development for novice skiers.

Why Choose Dollar Mountain?

For beginners seeking a specialized learning environment with unique bowl skiing opportunities, Dollar Mountain at Sun Valley offers a perfect blend of comfort and scenic beauty.


Choosing the right ski resort for beginners in Vermont involves considering factors like terrain, facilities, and overall atmosphere. Each of these resorts offers a distinct experience tailored to new skiers, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable introduction to skiing amidst some of the most scenic winter landscapes. Whether you’re drawn to the gentle slopes of Okemo Mountain or the panoramic views of Whiteface Mountain, Vermont’s ski resorts provide something for every beginner skier to explore and enjoy.