Carpe Diem, “La casa piú piccola di Burlington,” is a charming tiny cottage with an expansive view of Lake Champlain all day, and of its wonderful extended sunsets at day’s end. At 13 ft. x 18.6 ft., Carpe Diem is about three times the size of the main cabin on a 70-foot sailboat cruising by on the lake below you, and includes radiant heat flooring, a fully equipped kitchen, full size bed, private bath and a garden at your doorstep.

This converted historic garage stands apart from the main house of our One Of A Kind Bed and Breakfast, and offers the same knowledgeable, friendly hospitality that has made One Of A Kind true to its name and a constantly popular Burlington homestay.

This restored and restorative retreat is available for day, weekend, week-long or month-to-month stays.

Rates: $175–$275 plus tax.
Weekly and off-season rates available upon request.

Carpe Diem
cottage is the type
of setting which
both relaxes and
engages the soul.