Makalenin bilgileri liberica hakkında konuşacak. Interview: Dr. Steffen Schwarz makalesinde liberica’yi One Of A Kind Bed & Breakfast ile netleştirelim.

liberica ile ilgili bilgileri en ayrıntılı şekilde The Truth About Liberica Coffee

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Bu One Of A Kind Bed & Breakfast web sitesinde, kendiniz için daha değerli anlayış için liberica dışındaki diğer bilgileri güncelleyebilirsiniz. One Of A Kind Bed & Breakfast sayfasında, sizin için her gün her gün yeni ve doğru bilgileri güncelliyoruz, Sizin için en iyi değeri sunmayı umuyoruz, İnternette olabildiğince çabuk haber yakalayabilmenize yardımcı olun.

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Almanya Kahve Konsolosluğu’ndan Dr. Steffen Schwarz, sektörde 20 yıldan fazla deneyime sahiptir. Hem araştırmacı, hem danışman, hem kahve tüccarı hem de girişimcidir. 2019 yılında Borneo’da dünyanın ilk Liberica kahve kavurma şampiyonasını ve fuarını düzenledi. Çalışmaları hakkında daha fazla bilgiyi buradan okuyun ➡ Liberica kahvesi ticari kahve üretiminin %1’inden daha azını oluşturuyor. Bugün esas olarak Malezya ve Filipinler’de yetiştirilmektedir. 1870 civarında Batı Afrika’daki Liberya’dan alındı ​​ve dünyanın diğer bölgelerine dikildi. Başlangıçta, potansiyel bir Arabica rakibi olduğuna inanılıyordu. Ancak, yaprak pası nedeniyle 1895’te aşağı yukarı terk edildi. Bazı Liberika ağaçları şimdiye kadar vahşi doğada hayatta kaldı. 120 yıldan fazla bir süre göreceli olarak karanlıkta kaldıktan sonra, kahve dünyası Liberica kahvesini yeniden keşfetmeye başlıyor. Liberica hakkında daha fazla bilgiyi buradan okuyun ➡ .

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The Truth About Liberica Coffee | Interview: Dr. Steffen Schwarz
The Truth About Liberica Coffee | Interview: Dr. Steffen Schwarz

Interview: Dr. Steffen Schwarz hakkındaki haberleri izlemenin yanı sıra, Ardından One Of A Kind Bed & Breakfast her gün aşağıda yayınlanan daha fazla bilgiyi okuyabilirsiniz.

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The Truth About Liberica Coffee | Interview: Dr. Steffen Schwarz.


liberica bilgisiyle Oneofakindbnb sizin için güncellenen bilgiyle, size değerli getirmeyi umarak daha fazla bilgiye ve yeni bilgiye sahip olmanıza yardımcı olacağını umuyoruz.. One Of A Kind Bed & Breakfast liberica hakkındaki makaleyi takip ettiğiniz için içtenlikle teşekkür ederiz.

  1. Eko Santai diyor ki:

    I already proccesed Liberika and Exelsa since 2016. I knew the sugar in it, it is the secret for Honey Proccess and Semi Wine procces …

  2. Louis Holder diyor ki:

    My Company, Amy's Pomeroon Foods Inc., processes Liberica coffee grown in the Pomeroon Region of the Country, Guyana, located on the North Coast of South America. The Country, one of the largest exporters of Typica coffee in the early 19th Century, have seen the industry decline over the years and after the leaf rust disease in the late 19th/early 20th Centuries, turned to Liberica as a replacement due to its resistance to the disease. But although Liberica has been acknowledged as the sweetest and most aromatic coffee in the World, its yield are quite low resulting in high costs. Liberica green bean recovery is only 10% of the cherry weight whereas some Arabica cultivars produce recoveries as high as 40%. Accordingly, commercial interests have stayed away from it and is properly positioned in the market as a specialty product.

  3. Bob Hensem diyor ki:

    Never dark roast liberica,just medium roast,medium grind,24grams over 350ml water,steep for 6minutes,you will get a sweet &huge body taste,the sweetnest can lasts up to 7hour on your mouth,almost like you eating a miracle berry

  4. jidin giding diyor ki:

    One of my favourite Liberica come from House of Kendal coffee… and almost every week preparing cold brew from Liberica for my Nitro Cold Brew best selling with jack fruit taste…

  5. lloix diyor ki:

    Quality content! I wish more people could hear Dr. Schwarz's explanation of the flavor of kopi luwak, which is a strong argument for biodiversity and nature rather than animal abuse and novelty-seeking commercial schemes.

  6. Fahmi Putera diyor ki:

    I'm a roaster based in Indonesia….
    I know some of processors that offer this liberica coffee from Sumatera and also Java, but hey…how do I roast this variety ? any suggestion


  7. Marco Rances diyor ki:

    I'm currently having a Red Honey Liberica from Batangas. It tastes of tart cherries, pineapple, chestnuts and apple jam. It blew my mind that I'm having a Liberica that can contend with specialty Arabicas.

  8. hilarybbn diyor ki:

    In the Philippines, there are lots misinformation about Liberica coffee. Some have been mixed with other beans, since people are quite not aware of its characteristics. Luckily, I have tasted a legit Liberica coffee and it's super good. Tasted like jackfruit and mango

  9. Andriy Tulle diyor ki:

    Just found this video. I'm in Flores, Indonesia. We do have liberica here in Manggarai area. Roasted two days ago medium dark. Would love to try light to medium roast.

  10. K-no-K diyor ki:

    Awesome video. As a specialty coffee barista, this interview puts into perspective some of the general informations that circulate in our microcosms and destroys a lot of regurgitated information.
    Thank you for educating me!

  11. Chad Dizon diyor ki:

    Kindly check 'Samahan ng Magkakape ng Lipa' in the Philippines. Excelsa is liberica as Coffea Liberica var. Dewevrei.

  12. ไขมันFat diyor ki:

    Is there anyone who can ship some trees of liberica to thailand? I heard that gem forest tried to grow them at high attitude, but they not doing well to give seed and trees.

  13. Robert Barnes diyor ki:

    A note on grafting onto Liberica root stock. We've been doing it in Hawaii for many years now with great success – mainly Typica but also SL34, Geisha, Bourbons, etc. Many report higher yields. Like to know more about its resistance to Coffee Leaf Rust (CLR) now that its been discovered in Hawaii. I have a few mature Liberica plants. I might to start more in the nursery. Thanks for video. Very informative.

  14. Jeric diyor ki:

    I agree on what have discussed in this video. I planted 4000 Liberica trees last 2019 and continue to expand my coffee farm. Currently I do harvest from old Liberica trees.

  15. Fajriansyah Fajri diyor ki:

    I have liberica farm in west borneo indonesia,but i dont have knowledge to take care of it properly,but i really want to develop this coffe,i can see big potential in it.

  16. WOTM Group of Companies diyor ki:

    We cultivate the highest quality Liberica on the the planet from a pristine area of the Amazon Rainforest of South America with a deep and ancient history. This is a ultra rare variety of Liberica and has been tested by the United States Department of Agriculture and The World Coffee Research. We have it available for sale and our website is in progress. I would like to send the Dr. a sample of our variety of Liberica. Contact me at to discuss further.

  17. mannie amoguis diyor ki:

    i have planted 10,000 Liberica plants, will have commercial production around 2023-2024. planning to export to the US and other markets.

  18. Lang Jagat diyor ki:

    Liberica generally plant on low land, and many region on West Borneo, Indonesia Produce liberica coffee. We grown many varieties liberica with great taste.

  19. META Coffee diyor ki:

    Excellent video and very informative. I live in Malaysia and i often get some good (and very bad) Liberica for my roasting business. Most of the Liberica growers are down the South of Malaysia, with some micro farmers dotted around. I have heard that there might also be one or two growing Liberica in the Genting Highlands region, where they grow Tea.

    I am on a bit of a Liberica mission at the moment, i have had some beans that are nearly undrinkable just after roasting, the flavor being a mixture of Chinese herbal medicine, the deep bitterness that you get with liquorish and that very dry after taste, that you get if you leave a tea bag in water for a few hours. I find that Liberica also needs a lot longer to rest after roasting, before the bitterness from degassing goes away and is replaced with a very fruity character like Lemon, bitter apples, mango and even lime with a top heavy sweetness.

    However that Liberica characteristic herbal flavor persists and this takes some time to get used to. I have started blending Liberica with other beans, so work reasonably well, like some Ethiopians, even some Guatamalan naturals work quite well with a 20% Liberica blend, if you let the Liberica rest long enough.

    I think that apart from that fact that coffee growing is very difficult and takes years to set up and crow a crop, plus there really is no incentive from the Malaysian government to grow coffee here, the Government much prefer the Palm oil industry over anything else, even the rubber industry these days, so only a few really dedicated and enthusiastic coffee growers are doing this at the moment, i hope that this changes in the near future.

  20. Arne diyor ki:

    Wait Liberica is hard to get? Now I know. There is a staple liberica here in the Philippines that is called Barako and I drink it all the time since it pretty cheap than other varietal. Kinda ironic since liberica is sweeter than arabica but we call it Barako meaning "strong male stud".

  21. Pradeep Javedar diyor ki:

    Amazing video and lot of information! Thanks for sharing all this. Liberica looks like a very robust variety of plant and it looks like the answer to many problems coffee plans are going to face in future!

  22. weeliano diyor ki:

    Great video, really piqued my interest on Liberica coffee. Ordered 1kg from a Malaysian supplier, will try to roast it and see how it compares with the Arabicas and Robustas I usually roast.

  23. Mik Ni diyor ki:

    I’m very familiar with it as I lived in one of the major producing countries of Liberica. I got it often in the speciality shops, mostly it where not really that great, and often had a weird cup profile like no other coffee, but sometimes you did get a very interesting profile, so yes in contrast to Robusta, I do believe Liberica has a potential but there is really a long time before we are there yet, the coffee producing countries aren’t on the same level as Africa and the Americas, lack of altitude is often also a challenge.

  24. Asrul Munir Azizan diyor ki:

    Because of your video, I've been experimenting with one of the Liberica offered by House of Kendal this couple of days 😁

    Still haven't found a good recipe though.

    Definitely will buy another type of Liberica from House of Kendal before end of this month.

  25. hinseng yong diyor ki:


  26. Rosario Juan diyor ki:

    Liberica is such a huge part of Philippine culture. We have a colloquial term for it, we call it "barako" which means "macho." It's usually roasted very dark and thought to be very high in caffeine. I started roasting it lighter about 2 years ago and to this day people are so surprised to discover how fruity it is!

  27. Fil de Lara diyor ki:

    While Liberica here in our country is pretty common, a huge percentage of our Liberica plantation was devastated by a volcano eruption last year. 🙁

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