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Bu One Of A Kind Bed & Breakfast web sitesi ile kendiniz için daha yararlı anlayışa sahip olmak için bomonti fabrika beer dışında bilgi ekleyebilirsiniz. sayfasında, sizin için her gün sürekli yeni ve doğru içerik yayınlıyoruz, Sizin için en iyi bilgiye hizmet etme arzusuyla, Kullanıcıların internette haberleri mümkün olduğunca çabuk yakalayabilmelerine yardımcı olun.

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Ev Pazarlığından farklı bir şey. lager incelemesi.

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bomonti fabrika beer.

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  1. Dennis Veli diyor ki:

    Hello mate this is one of my favourite drinks shame the deal has finished as the best price you can get this is £2.19 now in all the local Turkish shops just got back from turkey and they thought I was making up how much I could get it got haha
    So anyway they now have tuborg fici in home bargains get yourself a bottle you won’t be disappointed

  2. Paul Boardman diyor ki:

    some very good beers from HB, should know i work there and test all the new ones in lol, there is some Wadworths in and very nice

  3. Rodney Rayner diyor ki:

    Another enjoyable review!…good drink for that price!!!!——– would have to recommend trying Brooklyn Lager available in my local Home Bargains and B + M which is 5.2 percent alcohol and very drinkable!.

  4. John Dykes diyor ki:

    I picked up a bottle to try last week in Home Bargains, I am not normally a lager drinker but it tasted fine for a lager. Certainly not 99p up here in Scotland the minimum price would be £1.13, but I am sure I paid way more than that for it.

    Sorry my mistake, I just bought two more bottles today from Home Bargains for £1.13 each, here in East Kilbride, Scotland, they are certainly worth that.

  5. john davis diyor ki:

    Hey Gareth. I too have never had a Turkish brew.
    This one sounds great and a cheapy.
    Those bloody ringpull caps were nothing but trouble to most here in Oz. They have a very high failure rate and the drinkers were cutting their fingers when they failed. So the brewers had to go back to pop caps and twist tops. If I remember rightly, it's only Bundaberg Brewing Co that still uses them.
    Another great brew review today Gareth. Cheers 😀🤤🍻

  6. TheCho diyor ki:

    Got to be better than that filthy dishwater EFES, whatever they put in that stuff gave me the worst headaches I have ever experienced. Looks a bargain at 99p this one.

  7. Pete Titterton diyor ki:

    can't believe I beat you to it for once. Bought a couple of these last week and it's great for 99p. Will buy again (if there's any left).

  8. Nige diyor ki:

    What I hate is beers / Lagers etc that are brewed in the UK and taste nothing like the original from original countries … Thanks for your beer booze reviews mate

  9. Lauren Taylor diyor ki:

    Try the Aldi dupe of Kronenberg1664…same coloured can, 1897 logo. I bought it by mistake and at £3.29 for 4 440ml cans I think it's a very good …and cheaper option. I'm no expert , so would welcome your thoughts.

  10. William Roberts diyor ki:

    Great video as usual u should try mythos from B+M it's Greek beer very nice £1.39 a 500ml bottle with a pull top keep up the good work 👏 👍🍻🍻🍻

  11. Tom vd Veen diyor ki:

    sometimes the cheaper less alcohol ones are the best thirst quenchers. in the netherlands we have one named Holtland4.2% 500ml €0.46/£0.39 , made by a belgium brewer, ice-cold out the fridge on a really hot day, it goes down in one big gulp lol

  12. Steven Mint Andrews diyor ki:

    Cheers Gareth great review, I was expecting that for 99p . I like a lite larger in the summer out side in the garden . For the money it’s worth buying a dozen , also it’s in a brown bottle which is good , I never drink Green bottle beers , because it smells awful and goes off very quickly if you break the chill chain . Thanks buddy see you later 👋👍🍻🍻🍻🍻👍💛

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