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Anlatılan bir uzay draması. ————————————————– ———————————————————– —————————- ——- -MÜZİK- ** LEMMiNO Creative Commons’tan Terra — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Aktarılmamış— CC BY-SA 3.0 ** ** Lensko – Daireler [NCS Release]

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Olmeca Gold vs. Bombers Bar: A Space Drama
Olmeca Gold vs. Bombers Bar: A Space Drama

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Olmeca Gold vs. Bombers Bar: A Space Drama.

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  1. miGGe diyor ki:

    You're the best EVE player I know, just an entirely different level. Was an honor and always a pleasure flying with you and Nova in BB.

  2. phillip jones diyor ki:

    the music in all his videos is so loud you can't really hear the narration. He did this in Whaler too. Crazy he doesn't realize this.

  3. I am Wicked diyor ki:

    Amazing strategy gameplay. I have played eve since 2006 and i considered a free year and join bb i actually got permission from my corporation to join a smaller corp for a while then rejoin. But due to this reveal i think i reconsider that cuz underistmating 1 guy is very bad. They didnt change passwords and made it very easy for you to get that precious intel to make this possible.

  4. floyd1411 diyor ki:

    can you do a tutorial on fly solo bomber/torp ships? pllleeeaassee revive that game style you are talking about. thank you 🙂

  5. d4rkh4l3 diyor ki:

    YOU SHOULD TURN THE MUSIC UP MUCH HIGHER but i also loved your video and the content also the story behind it was a perfect example of what eve can be. love from germany

  6. Thomas R diyor ki:

    This video earned you a subscription, this and the whaling. You are an inspiration. Keep up the good work creating next level content! 🙂

  7. Jeff Morrison diyor ki:

    Hi Olmeca, Great video and story btw.
    In the video you talk about FCing for profit as a negative. As i understand it this incentivizes hunters and thus helps provide more content. In your opinion, what negative aspect of this outweighs this positive one?

  8. F. J. diyor ki:

    This was fun to watch, even though i started flying with BB myself recently. BUT, this is not actually "what one person can do", since all you really did is give others intel and then let them handle it.

  9. Piers Lawson-Brown diyor ki:

    Brilliant, I knew there were issues in Bombers bar, but holy heck, I did not realise the extent of it, well done Sir!

  10. CW diyor ki:

    This. Was. Fucking. Incredible.

    I tried to stay away from the whole drama when it happened and – in all honesty – didn't really care. But this is some next-level shit. All the planning, organizing, etc… This deserves a lot of respect. Whatever were the reasons behind the whole thing, what you pulled off is absolutely stunning. :100:

    (inb4 banned from BB for admitting someone's achievements)

  11. Игнат Безденежных diyor ki:

    Ольмека рассказывает про свою героическую операцию отмщения, а на 11:58 мы все продолжаем говорить о крабстве.

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