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Kopi Luwak/Civet Poop Coffee: Disgusting or Delightful?
Kopi Luwak/Civet Poop Coffee: Disgusting or Delightful?

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Kopi Luwak/Civet Poop Coffee: Disgusting or Delightful?.

kopi luwak.

kopi luwak içeriğiyle One Of A Kind Bed & Breakfast ‘ın size verdiği içerikle, size değerli getirmeyi umarak daha fazla bilgi ve yeni bilgiye sahip olmanıza yardımcı olacağını umuyoruz.. kopi luwakOne Of A Kind Bed & Breakfast hakkında bilgi izlediğiniz için içtenlikle teşekkür ederim.

  1. Daniel McCarthy diyor ki:

    I don't know a single person that has tried Kopi Luwak that has said it was worth the money, or even said they enjoyed it even slightly more than normal coffee.

    It's not like Jamon Iberico or A5 Wagyu where you can see a vast difference (not necessarily an improvement) compared to the typical products. It was a run of the mill cup of coffee. This is a novelty item like shark fin or rhino horn, not a gourmet product. It's almost like people enjoy paying insane prices for food produced by animal cruelty.

  2. KingOfKings diyor ki:

    I just got back from Indonesia where I tried Luwat coffee. The coffee shop had live luwat sleeping all over the outdoor shop. It was pretty good and i bought several different packages of luwat coffee at several different markets around Bali to take home. I should have known there was a sad story behind it.

  3. alan duckman diyor ki:

    Stop trying to prevent us from drinking poo poo coffee. We have to have it and will spend 1 million dollars to have it.

  4. brett harter diyor ki:

    Been to a luwac farm in Bali while on a touring day, the coffee was the best id ever tasted. Sadly the animal was in a cage about the size youd keep a chipmunk in at home

  5. Biff diyor ki:

    Horrible cruel business. Have had it before I saw the conditions and wouldn’t touch it for the world. It’s not particularly good either, earthy but bland.

  6. TheLasagne diyor ki:

    i drank something sold under that name (before watching this video obviously) and it was far from the best coffee i ever had.. really not worth any money or effort even if you couldnt care less about the animals

  7. Big McLargeHuge diyor ki:

    I really like you EVEN more after this video. This content was not what I expected going in, and I'm so glad to see you condemning such horrible practices. Also, OF COURSE someone from my home state wanted to make human coffee. Never change, Oregon.

  8. Benjamin Vis diyor ki:

    This was kind of eye opening. I am mildly disappointed that it may not actually be delicious, but I completely understand that critical reflection on what real kopi luwak production must mean makes it unlikely that deliciousness is guaranteed. I suppose I'm still somewhat curious about it, but you have certainly managed to dissuade me from seeking it out in the future and to prioritise trying other coffees with a better chance of being delicious without causing more harm than could normally be expected by responsibly produced coffee.

  9. Look Man! diyor ki:

    In nature, I would assume the civet to pick out the "best" coffee cherry while they are probably feed "average" coffee cherry when caged. Thus there's a HUGE difference in the End (pun intended) result.. taste wise 😏

  10. James Henley diyor ki:

    I definitely don't want farmed civet coffee. If I could get some actual wild civet coffee that I could know for sure wasn't farmed, then I still might try it. Provenance is so difficult, I'd probably have to go to the place where it was produced and watch them harvest the wild civet poop to make sure. But after hearing the "qualities" of civet coffee, I think Mexican La Laja Honey Process probably has it beat, and at very reasonable price.

  11. Gaear Adan diyor ki:

    In 10 years there will be a video, on whichever platform we will be using by then, explaining the history of Kopi Luwak. And one of the chapters will be "In 2022 James Hoffman uploaded a critical video highlighting the ethical and logistical problems with sourcing Kopi Luwak coffee. As a result, interest for the product declined and many factory farms in Indonesia shut down.".

  12. Big Injun diyor ki:

    I'm going to take corn out of turds and sell it as the most expensive refined canned cream corn. $150 a can. Tell me I'm disgusting while you drink your cat ass coffee.

  13. Mathias C. Nielsen diyor ki:

    In order to get a great cup of coffee you need to have people caring about the product in every part of the chain. In a hyped and overpriced industry like that of the Luwak coffee you can only expect the involved parties to be in it for the money. Unsuprissingly it winds up being a case of quantity > quality as the producers will try to meet the demand. So even if you get the real deal there is a huge chance that the taste wont be great. That being said, I too had to have my curiosity met, when i went to Bali a couple of years ago. Looking back at the disapointing experience and knowing what I know about that industry. I would proprably do it to saturate my curiosity. Luckily I dont have to anymore and I can without a doubt tell the Luwak virgins: You’re not messing out 😉

  14. aixguru42 diyor ki:

    Having done my honeymoon in Bali, the coffee plantations are one of the common stops to take tourists on. There you see caged civet cats, being fed the diet of coffee. They generally grow a couple of types of beans and the arabica ones tend to be a bit nicer. The one I was taken on a tour through apparently was one of the better farms. After seeing the production, they take you to a seating area to try different styles of the coffee before running you through a gift shop to try and sell you more. A HUGE word of caution, proper brewing temperatures used for the coffee extraction do NOT kill the bacteria which causes severe gastrointestinal disease (usually called Bali Belly by the locals). If you choose to tour and sample coffee at one of these places, prepare to have a bad time 12 to 24 hrs later and over the next week or two. As for the taste, it was a less bitter and acidic with almost a sweetness to the flavour. Would I spend the money to import and properly prepare it in Australia instead of getting GI distress, no. I have had several well roasted blends which bring a sweeter, smoother and less bitter flavour profile without the need for a questionable industry. It was a decent tasting coffee when i tried it in Bali, but certainly not better than some of the local roasts I get from custom roasters here. You hit the nail on the head however as it is an industry which should not be supported due to animal cruelty and likelihood of fraud. I suspect this is why it's difficult to find a Cafe that will brew you a cup. It goes beyond price and more into the ethics.

  15. Cara diyor ki:

    Where can I find some of those recommendations for other coffees with unique fermentation processes?? I’m trying to blow someone’s mind!

  16. Netzlosdrahtwerk diyor ki:

    Came back just to 👍 this video because I remembered I forgot.
    Should be the first result for anyone who searches for this product.

  17. Forrest Candy diyor ki:

    It is possible to purchase ethical kopi luwak. Purchasing direct from the farm you can check out is doable, and I dare say it's far better for the environment and far more ethical than most of the dollars we spend on products produced in Asia (like most mobile phones for example).

  18. Thomas R diyor ki:

    What? Animal suffering for the sake of an exploitative marketing gimmick! I'm shocked!

    Thanks for the informative and ethical take on this topic

  19. Christopher Northcutt diyor ki:

    There is apparently a theme on marketplace of people feeding their cats these beans and attempting the same thing.

    And now I have lost all faith in humanity.

  20. Dougie Craig diyor ki:

    and let's not forget the Brazilian bird poop coffee. I'm sure it's the same story for the Jacu bird. I tried it in Sao Paulo in 2016. I probably wouldn't now as I'm trying to go vegan. Anyway, I'm really not a coffee taster but I don't remember anything outstanding about it – except for the price!

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