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Franziska Spritzler, RD, CDE, diyabet ve kilo yönetimi için düşük karbonhidrat yaklaşımını tercih eden Kayıtlı Diyetisyen ve Sertifikalı Diyabet Eğitimcisidir. Birkaç yıl boyunca, büyük bir eğitim hastanesinde ayaktan diyetisyen olarak danışmanlık yaptığı hastalara önerdiği aynı düşük yağlı, yüksek karbonhidratlı beslenme planını tüketti. 2011’in başlarında, yemek yedikten sonra kendi kan şekeri düzeylerinin sağlıksız seviyelere yükseldiğini keşfettikten sonra, Franziska karbonhidrat kısıtlamasının faydalı etkilerini araştırmaya başladı ve bunu yeme şekli olarak benimsedi. Artık her tür diyabetli, insülin direnci, metabolik sendromlu ve az yağlı diyetlerle kilo vermekte zorlanan kişiler için düşük karbonhidratlı diyetler önermektedir. American Diabetes Association’s Diabetes Spectrum dergisinin Kış 2013 baskısında yer alan “Diyabet ve Prediyabet Yönetiminde Düşük Karbonhidrat, Tam Gıda Yaklaşımı”nın yazarıdır. .

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Franziska Spritzler - 'Carbohydrate Restriction: The Key to Achieving Optimal Blood Sugar'
Franziska Spritzler – 'Carbohydrate Restriction: The Key to Achieving Optimal Blood Sugar'

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Franziska Spritzler – 'Carbohydrate Restriction: The Key to Achieving Optimal Blood Sugar'.


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  1. hektor6766 diyor ki:

    But while you're being diplomatic and respectful, they're continuing to kill people with their prejudice couched in undeserved prestige.

  2. Frank From Upstate NY diyor ki:

    Ancel Keys,…in 1977 changed the lives of "unknowing Americans,…for decades….much for the worse!
    Yudkin, was a writer,… ended the first Chapter: "I hope that when you have read this book I shall have convinced you that sugar is really dangerous." This message was extremely unwelcome to the sugar industry and manufacturers of processed foods and these firms employed a number of methods to impede Yudkin's work. The final Chapter of Pure, White and Deadly lists several examples of attempts to interfere with the funding of his research and to prevent its publication. It also refers to the rancorous language and personal smears used by Ancel Keys to dismiss the evidence that sugar was the true culprit. Acek Keys,…should have remained in his "fish studies".

  3. Frank From Upstate NY diyor ki:

    Franziska,…have you found any changes in your:
    1) hair profile,…growth rates?
    2) your libido; u or husband with higher fat diet changes?
    what time frames did you experience,…or not.
    3) major "fat storage" changes over time? This stuff is important…. I'm an RN, with the desire to teach in 2018 on this topic. Cheers!

  4. Carroll Hoagland diyor ki:

    Right, nice story as this result is becoming the norm, ADA is wrong, so is the medical community in general – Medicine by Chemistry presents its own problem … we can track our own Carbohydrate Intolerance … just by graphing … every one is different … but greater that 50 g of carbs per day can be issue for many, in fact most, so easy to graph. But tracking is best to determine individual requirements … since there is no Known Carbohydrate Deficiency Disease .. there is no reason to eat carbs … certainly not more that 100g per day.

    And yes the LCHF works as advertised with many benefits, first of which is your just not hungry ..

    70 Going On 100 … the Centenarian Diet

  5. biebe08 diyor ki:

    last time i check blood sugar it is about 280. i ate no more carbohydrate. nothing. just meat, eggs, veggies, fruits, sometimes cheese and milk. and look, my blood sugar decrease amazingly to 150! i never achieve this score for about 5 years!! it always about 200 and more! and i just take this diet about 3 days. i will continuously follow this diet. oh i found out about this dies only 3 days before so i thank for whosoever posting this diet plan! i hope it can save my life as one of my colleagues was past away because of complications, and one is now in ICU. so sorry for my two colleagues, but i will spread out this words! oh, i forgot. yes i feel so limp like hell, but i can eat apple or banana anytime. i no longer depend on diabetic medications. thank you so much Lord God.

  6. HighCarb Schwabe diyor ki:

    Now for the next talk: Fat and protein restriction: The key to achieving optimal blood insulin levels and heal type 2 diabetes.

    In 2015 we all should know that we need to track both insulin and blood glucose levels together. You can obviously suppress high blood glucose levels by not consuming that glucose while your diabetes is getting worse and worse at the same time.

    If you are serious about type 2 diabetes therapy, you primarily want to pay attention to insulin levels. The gold standard to healing type 2 diabetes is to get your fat and protein intake down (to about 5% each of your total calories), eat foods and meals in such a way that carbs are slowly absorbed throughout the day and add proper exercise (low intensity, long durations). Once your normal normal insulin sensitivity and secretion are restored, you can stay dibetes free for the rest of your life as long as you stick to a healthy diet.

    Honestly, who is interested in 'managing' a disease while it slowly progresses when you can get rid of it? Can't be the patients, must be the health care professionals…

    P.S.: I am quite sure you did not follow a real high carb lifestyle (vegan, whole foods, 5-10% fat and protein calories each, burn ~25% of calories eaten by exercise, sleep at least 8 hours per night, drink enough water, keep stress levels low,…) but what you considered high carb.

    P.S.: I have eaten ~800g of carbs per day for the last 18 months. Fasting blood glucose went down from 90mg/dl to about 60ng/ml. I am now fit and not hungry when I wake up and can run or ride my bike in a fasted state without problems. The ups and downs I experienced back in the days when I was eating a standard diet, including sugar cravings, have completely disappeared. After a typical breakfast (~1000kcal of carbs) I have energy for many hours – sometimes I forget lunch and have to be reminded that it is time to eat.  I also lost about 70 pounds. Before that I tried this 'cut your carbs' thing for 2 years, and it was a nightmare.

  7. Kassie Eppig diyor ki:

    I'm very thankful my dietician is allowing me to low carb and seems to be low carb aware. Her last remarks were watch your fiber, drink an extra liter of water, and keep your 4-5 servings of veggies and berries.

  8. K W diyor ki:

    @Franziska Spritzler Loved your speech. Thank you.

    I did, however, disagree on your comment regarding speaking to dietitians.

    Dietitians are professionals. Professionals are supposed to always be updating their skills. They do not live in a vacuum and should do their own research and stop being tools for BigAG/BigBiz marketing, falling prey to and using their biased outdated information.

    They ARE killing their patients and the onus should NOT be on the public or the patient to educate them. The responsibility falls squarely in their lap.

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