Brattleboro Winter Carnival: A Frosty Fiesta of Fun

Winter in Vermont brings not only frosty temperatures but also a flurry of festive activities. One such celebration that captures the essence of winter joy is the Brattleboro Winter Carnival. Nestled in the heart of Vermont, the town of Brattleboro comes alive with a plethora of events and attractions during this annual extravaganza. Let’s delve into the magic of the Brattleboro Winter Carnival and discover why it’s a must-visit for locals and tourists alike.

Introduction to Brattleboro Winter Carnival

Brattleboro Winter Carnival - Brattleboro Vermont

The Brattleboro Winter Carnival is a time-honored tradition that brings the community together in a spirit of fun and camaraderie. Held annually from February 13th to 22nd, this lively event offers something for everyone, from thrilling outdoor activities to heartwarming cultural experiences. Visitors can expect a diverse array of entertainment options that showcase the vibrant spirit of the town.

A Multitude of Activities

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Music and Karaoke

Music sets the tone for the festivities at the Brattleboro Winter Carnival. From lively tunes to soothing melodies, there’s no shortage of musical delights to enjoy. Visitors can groove to the beats of local bands or showcase their vocal talents at the karaoke sessions.

Ice Fishing Derby

For outdoor enthusiasts, the ice fishing derby is a highlight of the carnival. Participants brave the cold to try their luck at catching the biggest fish from the icy depths. It’s a thrilling competition that combines skill, patience, and a touch of luck.

Queen’s Pageant

The Queen’s Pageant adds a touch of elegance to the carnival proceedings. Local contestants compete for the title of carnival queen, showcasing their poise, grace, and charisma. It’s a glamorous affair that captivates audiences of all ages.

Pancake Breakfast

No winter carnival is complete without a hearty breakfast to fuel the day’s adventures. The pancake breakfast at the Brattleboro Winter Carnival is a beloved tradition, offering fluffy pancakes, sizzling bacon, and steaming hot coffee to start the day on a delicious note.

Ice Skating Show

The ice skating show dazzles spectators with breathtaking performances on the frosty rink. From graceful figure skating routines to daring acrobatics, the talented skaters captivate audiences with their skill and artistry. It’s a spectacle not to be missed.

Sleigh Rides and Petting Zoo

For a touch of nostalgia, visitors can enjoy scenic sleigh rides through the snow-covered landscape. The rhythmic clip-clop of the horse-drawn sleighs evokes a sense of old-world charm. Meanwhile, animal lovers can get up close and personal with furry friends at the petting zoo, where cuddly critters delight visitors of all ages.

Country-Western Jamboree

Yee-haw! The country-western jamboree brings a taste of the Wild West to the winter carnival. With lively music, line dancing, and cowboy hats galore, it’s a hoedown that promises plenty of foot-stomping fun.

Embracing the Spirit of Community

Kicking off the Winter Carnival | Local News |

Bringing People Together

The Brattleboro Winter Carnival serves as a rallying point for the community, bringing people together in celebration of the season. It’s a time to reconnect with neighbors, forge new friendships, and strengthen the bonds that make Brattleboro a special place to call home.

Supporting Local Businesses

The carnival also provides a boost to the local economy, as visitors flock to the town to partake in the festivities. From restaurants and shops to hotels and attractions, businesses across Brattleboro benefit from the influx of visitors during the carnival period.

Fostering Tradition and Heritage

As a time-honored tradition, the Brattleboro Winter Carnival helps to preserve the town’s rich heritage and cultural identity. Through its diverse array of activities and events, the carnival celebrates the unique spirit of Brattleboro and pays homage to its history.


The Brattleboro Winter Carnival is more than just a series of events—it’s a celebration of community, culture, and the magic of winter. From thrilling outdoor adventures to heartwarming cultural experiences, the carnival offers something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor from afar, the Brattleboro Winter Carnival is sure to warm your heart and leave you with cherished memories that last a lifetime. So bundle up, embrace the chill, and join in the festivities—it’s time to experience the magic of winter in Brattleboro!