An environment to experience, not just to stay in.

Your hostess, Maggie Sherman, the Contessa of Comfort, has been making art in unexpected places since 1980, provoking people to think about their lives and their values. She has been a pioneer in community made art, creating “legacy projects” that revitalize and celebrate the sense of connection and place. Her participants have spanned the social mix from maximum security prisons to corporate boardrooms.

Maggie has received recognition for her work in Smithsonian Magazine, the New Yorker, and The Boston Globe. She uses the “get gooey & giggle” approach to engage people and draw them into a process that breaks down barriers, opens up the lines of communication, and gives people the courage to speak from their intuitive voice. It is from this voice that change occurs and leadership grows.

Maggie Sherman
as her performing
artist alter ego
“Honey the
Waitress ®”